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680 Red Table Dr. Gypsum, CO 81637
(970) 524-3647

Below we have Dr. Sheldon and Dr. Nadine high fiving!

Out Patient Services - This area is used to treat outpatients and also for daily treatments of hospitalized patients.

You might catch us performing the following procedures out here:

-wound cleaning and debridement
-wound suturing 
-bandaging wounds
-abscess lancing and draining (yum)
-casting and splinting broken bones
-ear flushing, irrigation and cleaning
-dental scaling and polishing
-IV and subcutaneous fluid administration
-anal gland flushing and treatments (double yum)
-running EKG analysis on pets
-pulling blood samples for lab analysis

hosp treatment 2012


Dr. Sheldon pulling Eleanor's blood while Caroline holds off the vein.

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