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680 Red Table Dr. Gypsum, CO 81637
(970) 524-3647

Boarding - We like to call our boarding ‘veterinary supervised observation’. The fact is many pet owners feel more comfortable having their pets watched by a medical facility while they are away. Our facility is only for our patients; and it is not a general boarding facility.  You can be assured that the pets staying here are in good health, are parasite free, and current on their immunizations. We provide this as a courtesy to our patients (and their moms and dads). Our kennel facility has large runs, spacious cat condos, and comfortable mica cages (NOT METAL). We have a large fenced in yard for supervised play time. We are here for a full 12-14 hours every day so there is a lot going on to keep your pets from getting bored. 

You are welcome to bring your own pet food; but we do offer and feed Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, which shouldn't cause any intestinal upset or dietary disturbance from changing your pet's diet.  We want to keep stress to a minimum while watching your pets.  We also provide toys, and blankets. 

Mutiple-pet discounts: Your first pet is regular price ($39 per night), the second pet is $36 per night (10% off).*

Weekly Rates: If you are boarding pet(s) for longer than 7 days you can take 15% off your entire boarding fee.*

 * Weekly rates and multiple pet discounts can be combined.

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