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680 Red Table Dr. Gypsum, CO 81637
(970) 524-3647

Dental Month

Just a quick shout out that: 1.  August is Dental Month at GAH and 2.  For those with no serious dental disease we can perform a  cleaning and polishing without anesthesia; instead we use an IV sedative that is safe and reversible.  Regularly $175, sedation dentals are 10% off In August.  Sedation Dentals also can be done without running pre-op blood tests saving you even more money. (If your pet has serious dental disaes or needs extensive or difficult extractions, we will need to use a general anesthetic).

Also Dental Exams are FREE during August, so stop by for a quick look by Dr. Steve or Dr. Nadine. 

All other procedures done during a dental ie. growth removals, extractions, pre-op blood tests, x-rays for arthritis, pathology etc are also 10% off during Dental Month so it is always a good time to get procedures done on your pet that you might have been putting off. 

We do book up quickly so call 970-524-3647 to make an appointment o rif you have any questions.

We hope your summer has been great! 

Dr.Steve, Dr. Nadine, Jessica, Melanie, Roni, Lexi and Megan (and Eleanor, Ted, Albert, Batman and Leya)

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