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680 Red Table Dr. Gypsum, CO 81637
(970) 524-3647

Dental Health Month

This was supposed to go out earlier in the month but due to a technical glitch it did not.

So. Anyway.  August, as most of you already know, is Dental Month at Gypsum Animal Hospital.  I rank good oral hygiene as the number one issue that will help your pets live longer.  Hands down, no question.  Number 2, in case you are curious, is maintaining a proper weight (recent research has confirmed this, want your pet to live 20% longer?  Keep him or her at a good weight. 20% is a huge number when it comes to your pet's lifespan).

During dental month we offer sedation dentals at $150, they are regularly $175.  Full dentals cleanings with a general anesthetic are $200 (reg $275) and any other procedures or lab tests done the same day are all 10% off.  Oh, I forgot, Dental Exams are free, so if you want to see how your pet's oral health is just can and schedule an appointment.  Call 524-DOGS (3647) for an appointment.

Since this went out late, we will continue this into September if anyone cannot schedule it for August.

Dr. Steve

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