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680 Red Table Dr. Gypsum, CO 81637
(970) 524-3647

Dental Month

~~You all know how important Dental Health is in your pets.  I put Dental Health in a tie with weight control as the number one thing that will help your dogs and cats live longer.  Truly:  keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy and your pet's weight under control and you are doing a good service towards a long healthy life for your pet.

August is Dental Month.  In our efforts to make things as easy as possible for you (believe me, I know how hectic life can get), we have started doing dentals with a sedative instead of a general anesthetic for most patients (pets with really bad teeth and gums or needing an extraction might need a general).  This lowers the cost and alleviates the worry and stress a lot of you have with a general anesthetic.

We do Dental Month twice a year and lower the cost of everything by 10%.  Sedation Dental are $150.  We also take 10% off any other services you need done such as blood screenings/tests, growth removals, xrays (ie. for arthritis, hip dysplasia etc).  All dental products are also 10% off

Dental Exams are free during the month of August, so if you want to have your pet's teeth checked just give us a call at 524-3647.


Dr. Steve, Jessica, Melanie, Roni and Jeri

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